Axes and Hammers

1.XW006 Axe 1-1/2lbs 2.XT20K Axe(Camping) 20oz. 3.XF20K Axe 20oz. 4.SCR16K Solid steel one piece hammer 16oz. 5.SRR20K Solid steel one piece hammer 20oz. 6.SRR22K-F Solid steel one piece hammer 22oz. 7.RBT20K Hatchet 20oz. 8.DW12K Drywall hatchet 12oz. 9.DW14

Solid Steel One Piece Hammers

SRR-F Framing hammer SGR Carpenter's hammer SSH Shingling hatchet(milled face) SDW Wallboard hatchet(milled face) SRB Rig builder's hatchet SRR Ripping Claw Hammer SBT Ball pein hammer SGS Engineer's hammer SBK-T Brick hammer(tip-end) SBK Brick hammer SHD Club(

Professional Axe

2700g(6LB) Mauls with American hickory handle.

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